Meet the Privit TEAM !!!

Hernan Argueta Jr.

Born in Queens NY and a transplant to Florida. I have lived in Boynton Beach for the last 31 years. I am a 20 year veteran, owned and operated over 27 locations, and have hired and managed over 146 employees. I am the Creator of 3 renowned brands, Educator, Award winning competitive barber with over 31 1st place trophies. I am passionate to further my career and it was time for a change in the way I do business and Privit Hair Studio was born.

Darius Shoraka

Darius Blends (DJ) is An amazing artist, and eye for detail, if hair was a canvas, he would be the Picasso, Specializing in the art of color, precision lines and detailed blending, if you're looking for a photo shoot ready cut, no one TOUCHES DJ!

Dale Thompson Jr.

I was ok at cutting hair so i decided to take barbering serious because I needed a plan B because at that time my job as laying people off. Im not the greatest barber but I am a great barber. My goal is to give every client the best haircut they ever have had and to provide the greatest customer service ever.                          Owner of Nine 8 Photography

Randy Defay

I have been cutting hair for 16 years. I want clients to know I'm in competition with myself every week and I find new ways to improve my craft. I became a barber because my cousin had a major impact on his clients and myself, its because of him I am the barber I am today.